Uni Student Sells Dagga To Raise Fees

By Sydney Gokomere

Gweru, September 20, 2016 – A Midlands State University (MSU) student who was found in possession of 0,099kg of marijuana has told a Gweru court he wanted to sell the illicit drug to raise money for his tuition fees.


Bruce Jeremiah appeared before Gweru magistrate, Tayengwa Chibanda on Tuesday for violating a section under the Dangerous Drugs Act.


Jeremiah said the financial hardships he was facing as a student forced him to trade in drugs to fund his education. 

He said no one was prepared to meet his educational expenses hence resorting to the unorthodox means.

However, in his ruling, Chibanda said although it was common understanding that students from tertiary institutions were facing serious hardships, resorting to crime to fund their education was not the solution.


He said because Jeremiah was a first offender and did not waste the court’s time when he admitted to the offence, it was appropriate to impose a $100 fine against him, failure to which he would spend 90 days in jail.


In recent years, there have been an increasing number of students from MSU appearing in court on various offences ranging from stealing money, clothes, laptops and peddling drugs to make ends meet.


Government scrapped grants given to students and instead introduced a new system where learners fork out an average $600 per semester to meet fees.