UPP Was A Joke For Me- Says Shumba

One such politician who made people believe he had left Zanu (PF) in 2005 was Daniel Shumba. After his suspension from the party after he attended the controversial Tsholotsho meeting Shumba, out of frustration, decided to form his own party, the United People’s Party (UPP).
But Shumba now says it was all a joke because Zanu (PF) has always been his home.He has since been re-admitted into the former liberation movement and says he has no plans of leaving the party again.

Shumba told Journalists on Saturday that he was not serious when he formed the UPP and did not have any presidential ambitions.Forming UPP was Shumba’s adventurous move which was provoked by frustration.
After forming the UPP, Shumba said he always thought of a plan to “ come back home ” since he continued to maintain a close relationship with President Robert Mugabe.

“ Zanu PF is my home, it was like a child beaten by his parents and then run away from home for either refuge or adventurous purposes. That must not mean the child will be detached from the family forever. Such is my story.” Said Shumba.

“I am now back home where I am expecting to do all duties assigned to me by my father and elder brothers and I am confident that I will rescue the family which is facing various challenges from the enemy, ” added Shumba.He is now a member of the party,s Central Committee.

Before he was fired from Zanu (PF) Shumba was the most powerful chairman who was tasked by Mugabe to remain firm and protect Masvingo Urban constituency.

“ I respected Mugabe even when I was the UPP president, this is why I personally poured my money to support Shylet Uyoyo to fight MDC candidate in Masvingo urban constituency in 2005, ” added Shumba.Uyoyo who was using Shumba’s personal vehicles to campaign, fainted after losing to MDC’s Tongai Matutu by a very narrow margin.Meanwhile, there is a serious in-house fighting in Zanu (PF)  as the Mujuru faction here does not want Shumba to be allowed to contest in the party’s next primaries saying he must wait for the next five years.