Urban groovers angry as Mr Vegas is expected

This follows reports that another Jamaican dancehall star, Mr Vegas is set to perform in Zimbabwe for the first time on November 4 at the Glamis Arena in Harare.

An urban groover who requested he not be named said: “Most of us read in the newspapers that these guys are paid as much as US$ 100 000 a show and I remember that my colleagues got as little as 500 when Sean Paul and Akon performed. Sometimes you feel there is lack of appreciation for our talents.”

Takunda Moyo, a well known urban grooves supporter said unlike South Africa Zimbabwe was failing to honour its talent: “When you talk to them (urban groovers) they have a feeling that promoters shortchange them. There is a universal feeling that they always outclass the international acts but get a few cents for wowing the crowds.”

At the Akon’s show the opulence and glamour that surrounded the reception of the much-hyped international acts, Akon and Sean Paul, was a sharp contrast to the treatment local urban groovers received.

There was no majestic Phantom Rolls Royce or Bentley to move around in. In fact, none of them ever managed to talk to the stars or, better still, shake their hands.

Meanwhile, C&A Entertainment — organisers of the event, who also hosted the Sean Kingston gigs — said Mr Vegas would perform with a live band.

“After noticing that Zimbabweans do not like being given half-baked cakes, we have decided to host a show for them where the artist will be performing with a live band,” said Clint Robinson, one of the organisers.

Robinson said bringing in a live band to Zimbabwe was expensive, but worth it.

“The truth is bringing a live band to the country is not cheap at all, but I need to give people what they want because this is a people’s concert.”

He added that Mr Vegas was expected in the country on November 2 and is set to leave on November 5.