US Ambassador Urges Non-Violent Protests

Ray was speaking at the occasion to mark the Martin Luther Day in Harare.

“None violence, peaceful protest is the way to go,” said Ray while addressing guests at the function held at the Aruppe College of Jesuits.

“Violence begets more violence, I respect Marcus Gurvey but running away from the problem is not wise. The benefit of non violent protest against injustice is that it exposes the weaknesses of the perpetrator. Smile at them to disempower them. When they have to do so they will have spiritual inferiority and reacting to them violently
gives them a sense of power.”

He added, “The best weapon against hate and violence is non violence.”

Martin Luther King is famous for leading a black peaceful resistance against oppression in the United States.

Ray said the attainment of civil rights is an important ingredient in the building of lasting democracy.

“Civil rights include democratic ideals such as freedom of speech and free and fair elections. When a free press can publish and broadcast without fear of intimidation, censorship and harassment, then the people are in turn free to communicate with their leaders about what they want to see happen in their society. With free and fair elections
comes an elected government whose rule is based on democracy, legitimacy and laws consistent with what the people desire,” said Ray.

The US Ambassador who himself witnessed the transformation of the United States into a democracy where the rights of citizens are respected said Zimbabweans must continue raising their voices on injustices in the country despite the shift in the political environment of the country.

“In this era of change, I urge you to never let your voices be silent but instead to let the rafters as Dr King’s did , time and time again. Like Dr King we may not become silent on things that matter,” said Ray.