US Based Jazz Group Trains Bulawayo Artists

The Jazz Tap Ensemble, a Los Angeles based dance company, arrived in the country’s second city on Sunday for the week long music training workshop.

“The performers are especially excited to share their style of jazz music and tap dancing, two well-loved American traditions, with Bulawayo audiences and to learn from local artists about their traditional forms of cultural expression,” said Sharon Hudson-Dean, Consular for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Harare.

The Jazz Tap Ensemble consists of dancers and musicians who will perform and participate in outreach and educational activities, including a four-day workshop for aspiring and professional dance groups at the Bulawayo Theatre.

The group will also conduct technical stage and arts management sessions, an exchange with senior dancers of IYASA and SIYAYA and outreach discussions with students and youth groups.

The group which met with the Bulawayo Mayor, Thaba Moyo on Tuesday will give a free performance at the Bulawayo Academy of Music on Friday evening.

A second free public performance will be staged at the Bulawayo Theatre on Saturday during a show entitled “Bulawayo’s Most Amazing Talents.”