US/EU Envoys Trying To Destroy Zanu (PF) Party Spokesman

Mugabe and his party chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo have in the past three weeks received courtesy visits at the State House and Zanu (PF) party headquarters as western governments make surprising overtures for cooperation with the former ruling party.

Mugabe met the United States Ambassador Charles Ray last week at State House. The two had a two hour meeting where they discussed areas of cooperation and the meeting ended with Ray wishing Mugabe a pleasant trip to the just ended United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He also met the European Union (EU) Africa Delegation head, Nicholas Westcourt.

For his part Moyo met the US ambassador and the head of the United States Aid Agency (USAID).

But the party’s spokesperson said the party view the latest visits and overtures for cooperation as friendly fire aimed at destabilising Zanu (PF) from within.

“They are coming to us and we have no problem with cooperation but we know what they are up to. They have realised that the MDC that they were working with is useless and now want to effect regime change from within Zanu (PF),” said Zanu (PF) spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo.

“They have seen the president and we are happy with that but we would have been even more pleased if they were doing so genuinely but they are doing what they are doing because they want regime change, they
are seeking regime change.”

To buttress his claims Gumbo said his party is aware of how the countries are infiltrating formal government structures such as parastatals and the judiciary through workshops.

“They are doing workshops in Nyanga for parastatals and we know what they are doing,” said Gumbo.

The United States and the EU slapped Zanu (PF) officials with sanctions for disregarding human rights in 2003.
Political analyst, Charles Mangogera says the latest move by the United States and the EU to extend a hand of friendship to Zanu (PF) is a long overdue realisation that any solutions to Zimbabwe’s political problems will not be attained without the involvement of the former ruling party.

“It’s not surprising that the western envoys are now reaching to Zanu (PF), maybe it is a realisation that Zanu (PF) still has a role to play in Zimbabwean politics. They are getting an understanding that Zanu (PF) is an institution and even if Mugabe goes, it will still remain so they are probably seeking an understanding of the party,” said Mangongera.

A host of influential Zanu (PF) party officials including Vice President Joyce Mujuru have been exposed for meeting American government officials behind Mugabe’s back.

For long the Americans have sought to reach out to individuals they consider to be moderates in the party and most of their past overtures have been exposed by the Wiki Leaks cables.