US Graffiti Artist Unveils Mural Paintings

Moses dedicated WAD graffiti mural painting in partnership with local artists to Zimbabweans were the USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray, also got tested at a mobile HIV testing centre.

Moses told Radio VOP that he loved the vibe in the streets of Makokoba and its hospitality and that during his stay he experienced zero violence in Bulawayo.

The visiting USA based artist and a team of local artists spray painted the walls of Madlodlo Bar in Makokoba and part of the exterior of the National Gallery in Bulawayo.

“I am excited to be here. Our Job as artists is to make people think deeper, feel deeper,” said Moses.

The USA Ambassador, Ray said the worldwide AIDS activists are focused on creating an AIDS-free generation and in order to do this, there is need to use every possible tool to get prevention messages across to young and old people. He said Maxx’s work was the perfect medium to do this, it was innovative, engaging and certainly eye catching.

Since 2000, the USA government has invested over US$245 million in Zimbabwe’s fight against HIV/AIDS. In 2012, the US will contribute an estimated US$60 million to the national HIV/AIDS response in Zimbabwe through the US President’s Emergency Plan for the AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), including support for treatment of 80 000 people and intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission on HIV for approximately 40 000 women living with HIV/AIDS.