US Group Mounts Pressure On KP Over Marange Gems

“The diamonds have been held in Dubai since November 2010 shortly after arriving from Zimbabwe .The Rapaport group warns responsible buyers to require written supplier guarantee that they are not selling Marange diamonds,” Rapaport said in a note to members.

“While not all Marange polished diamonds have a greenish hue and not all the green hue diamond are from Marange significant number of such Marange stones are appearing on the market. All members of the trade should ask their suppliers to do everything they can do to ensure that they are not supplied Marange diamonds.”

Rapaport did not disclose the value of the gems.

Last month, the KP meeting held in Democratic Republic of Congo gave Harare the green light to sale the Marange gems, but the decision drew the ire of other members such as the Canada and US government.

Even, diamond pressure groups within the civil society protested about the authorisation of the selling of the Marange gems.

At the Kimberley meeting in Kinshasa on June 23, rights groups simply walked out after the chairman, Mathieu Yamba of the Democratic Republic of Congo, gave the green light to two companies to sell gems from Zimbabwe’s Marange fields.

Marange diamonds, touted as the find of the decade were in 2006, drew in thousands of small-time miners in the eastern part of the country resulting in Zimbabwe security forces moving in to restore order. Human rights organisations and diamond players have said human rights were trampled of the diamond panners.