US To Help Artists

Andrew Posner, the Assistant Public Affairs Officer  with the American Embassy said his office is aware of the “strong community of artists” in Bulawayo and is keen to assist them in finding funds. 

“Our hope is that after this workshop, various non-governmental organisations will connect with the independent film producers and assist them with the necessary resources,” said Posner.

The Embassy, in conjunction with the International Video Trust and the Zimbabwe International Film Festival, is conducting a three-day documentary showcase in Bulawayo which is being attended by 30 independent film producers and artists.

Facilitators at the workshop include Zimbabwe-born American film maker and author Molife KhumaloAsante Jnr and Ghanaian-American Rocky Otoo, the protagonist in the documentary “Bronx Princess

One of the workshop participants Simeon Makota, a producer with an independent production house in the city, said the workshop had come at a time independent film makers were in the process of establishing an association.

“We have just produced a draft constitution for the Zimbabwe Independent Film Producers Association and we will soon be calling a meeting to launch the association,” said Makota who is the interim secretary of the organizing committee.