US Wants Genocide Fugitive Arrested

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), which is winding up its business, has also demanded the immediate arrest of fugitives of the genocide. The United Nations tribunal based in Arusha, Tanzania, winds up its business at the end of 2014 and wants all fugitives brought to book before then.

Zimbabwe is accused of harbouring Potrais Mpiranya, one of the most wanted fugitives, believed to be staying in Norton, just outside the capital. The United States government placed a $5 million bounty for information leading to his arrest.
Zimbabwe has distanced itself from claims of harbouring Mpiranya.

Zimbabwe’s Immigration Principal Director Clemence Masango recently told the Parliamentary portfolio committee for Defence and Home Affairs:  “Yes this has been topical in the local and international media. All efforts have been made to check on this allegation. We have no record within our systems of this person whether on a permit or refugee. The only refugee camp we have is Tongogara and everyone there is documented.”

“Interpol has written to us and enquired officially through local police structures. Investigations have been carried out and this person has not been found and police are on record saying they have not been able to find that person in Zimbabwe but their investigations are still underway. That is what I can say on that.”

Rwanda has since appealed for United Nations intervention accusing Harare of dragging its feet on arresting the fugitive.

Mpiranya was indicted by the ICTR on 25 September 2002 on charges of participating in the planning, preparation and execution of a plan to exterminate the Tutsi population of Rwanda.

He was placed under the US Reward for Justice List introduced by the State Department with the aim of accelerating the arrest of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world.