US$1.5 Million Worth Of ARVs Burnt To Ashes

The accident took place along the Kwekwe-Bulayawo road that has left thousands of people on the life prolonging drug’s waiting list vulnerable.

According to sources at the country’s drug procurement body, Pharmaceutical Company of Zimbabwe (NatPharm) the company had hired a private truck to deliver the drugs from Harare to Matabeleland.

The sources said both NatPharm and National Aids Council (NAC) were struggling to cover up the accident which happened two weeks ago by trying to make it a secret.

Contacted for comment Natpharm board chairman Dr George Washaya said they were investigating the sad incident.

“We are going to hold a board meeting in which we are going to institute a board of inquiry and that’s when we will avail you with all the details of what actually transpired. In fact there were seven trucks carrying the ART consignment and it is the seventh one which was involved in an accident,”Dr Washaya responded.

Radio VOP established through the NAC chief executive officer Tapuwa Magure that the drugs were indeed burnt.

“You have to ask Natpharm since they were distributing the drugs, but it’s true that something like that happened,” said Magure.

The country which is struggling to secure adequate Anti-Retroviral Drugs for thousands of its people who are in dire need of the life prolonging drug last year suffered yet another blow after it lost round 10 of the Global Fund.

To worsen the situation of people on ART are reports of AIDS donors having shown their intention to wean the country from offering AIDS service.

Despite these threats and challenges the country is facing in funding, AIDS services are doing well in the region in reducing HIV prevalence which was over 27% a few years ago to below 14% now.