USAID Says Zim Food Situation, Stable

In its August report on the food situation, the USAID funded Famine Early Warning System (Fewsnet) said the food situation in the country has remained stable for the 2009/2010 harvests, but warned that the food deficit might affect the country beginning in October.
“At the national level, food security has remained stable with supply from the 2009/10 harvests still in stock and a constant supply of basic food stuffs on the market. This situation is likely to prevail through September,” Fewsnet said.
“Supplies from own production are expected to have run out at the beginning of the lean season in October for most parts of the country, especially the drier and grain deficit areas covering the southern, western, and northern parts of the country.”
Fewsnet said access to food for the poor remains a ‘great challenge’ adding that humanitarian assistance to the poor is likely to start in October in areas such as Binga, Kariba and Hwange.
“Though supply of basic commodities on the market is stable, access to these goods remains a great challenge for the majority of poor and very poor urban households with limited or no income,” Fewsnet said.
“Humanitarian food assistance is likely to start during the October to December period, assuming that the current discussions on interventions are finalized with the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) this month. If this process is delayed, poor and very poor households with limited cereal stocks in the southern, western, and northern parts of the country, are likely to become highly food insecure.”