UZ Seeks Funds To Spruce Up

The University which is set to open next Monday, has already issued a statement of apology to its students that it is not in a position to accommodate them as it needs to spruce up its collapsed structures due to years of neglect during the political and economic turmoil the country went through the past decade.

“May I draw your attention to the desperate need of repairing Halls of Residence at the University of Zimbabwe,” said a document seen by Radio VOP, written by the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education to the Finance Ministry. “These halls can accommodate 4 500 students, most of whom are from rural areas. The continued closure of these halls of residence has led to deplorable conditions leading to dirty social lives not expected of future graduates.”

“We are requesting you to urgently release at least USD 400 000 for the rehabilitation of these Halls of Residence and the Students Union Building.”