UZ Students Unhappy With Kissing Ban

University of Zimbabwe students have urged authorities to prioritise accommodation and corruption issues at the institution rather than devote time to imposing a kiss ban at the institution of higher learning.

In a recent circular pasted on notice boards at students’ halls of residence, the university warned that anyone “caught in intimate position, [kissing or having sex in public places]” risked immediate eviction from the halls of residence.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Campus Clean-up campaign held on Saturday, students told The Standard that authorities should focus on creating education awareness on sex-related issues than imposing the “illegal” ban on kissing.

“Of all the challenges we are facing on campus from accommodation to littering, the kissing ban is overrated. One of the fundamental issues that come with adult education is responsibility and surely being intimate is a choice one can only make based on their awareness of the dangers that come with unprotected sex,” said Ruvimbo Dube.

Another student felt that while the move was welcome, the message was sent to the wrong audience.

“While its common knowledge that most students indulge a lot in tertiary institutions, the message would have been received well in the form of an awareness campaign because most students feel as though they have been belittled,” said the student.

Speaking on the clean-up campaign acting dean of students David Sithole said the campaign was based on the motto “Creating a litter-free zone”.

“We have noticed with concern the growing culture of littering around campus and for that reason we organised this event to make our environment a better place to be,” Sithole said.

He said the clean-up campaign was a success as hundreds of students from all 10 hostels joined hands to take part in the initiative.



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