UZ's 10pc Fee Hike Slammed

Harare, February 23, 2014 – University of Zimbabwe, the country’s oldest tertiary institution, has increased tuition by more than 10 percent.

The move has left the students’ community shell-shocked and hamstrung considering the prevailing state of the economy.

The citadel of tertiary learning is scheduled to open its doors on February 24. 

Students in the Social Sciences departments who used to pay $450 per semester are now being asked to fork out $502 at a time when most of the students’ parents and guardians are earning salaries that are by far below this amount in the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

Medical students are the hardest hit as they are now expected to pay more than $700 per semester after the fees were unilaterally increased.

Students on compass accommodation are also expected to pay more for food and accommodation at the campus.

While vice chancellor Levy Nyagura was not immediately available for comment yesterday, the Students Solidarity Trust blasted the unilateral hike saying at this rate, education has been completely commodified as only the elites can now access it.

“The provision of basic and affordable education to all is now in rigor mortis,” SST said in a statement.


Insiders say the tuition hike has been effected to benefit lecturers whose marking allowances are set to be increased.

Daily News