Vapostori Claim Victory Over Magaya

Apostolic and Independent African churches have claimed that they have won their fight against Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader prophet Walter Magaya and successfully dismantled his “supernatural powers.” 

Speaking on the sidelines of the Bishops’ Dialogue to end child marriages at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday, Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president, Johannes Ndanga claimed Magaya was now neutralised.

“We wanted to confront Magaya over his accusations that we use marine spirits but our church members divinely told us to pray only so as to cease his powers,” Ndanga said.

Magaya early this year torched a storm when he published a book which claimed that white garmented Apostolic Faith churches used marine spirits as the source of their spiritual powers. He accused Apostolic churches of deriving their powers from the underworld.

But Ndanga responded by accusing Magaya of using “snake spirits”.

Ndanga said Magaya was attacking Apostolic sect members because he was feeling the spiritual pressure from them.

“Some of our members wanted to march to his church premises and confront him and even exorcise snake spirits he uses to dupe people, but we chose to only pray,” Ndanga said.

He said Magaya would soon sink into oblivion like other prophets who have come before him.

“Magaya’s claim recently that his is not a church is a sign that his powers are being dismantled,” said Ndanga.

“What you heard him saying is a sign to us that he is finished. We are holding prayers so that God reveals to the world who is a true Prophet.”

Magaya could not be reached for comment yesterday, while PHD overseer, Admire Mango was not answering his phone.

The three-day Bishops’ Dialogue to end child marriages ended on Saturday.


The Standard