Vava, Zhangazha ditch Prof Madhuku's NCA

Harare, January 28, 2014-The Lovemore Madhuku-led National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), which transformed into a political party four months ago suffered a major knock yesterday after two key members resigned citing irreconcilable policy differences with the party’s senior management, the Newsday reported.

Information director Blessing Vava and Takura Zhangazha submitted their resignation letters, accusing the party’s top leadership of subverting the interests of its members and operating without clear structures and policies.

Zhangazha, the former executive director of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe was still an ordinary member of the party.

Vava said the decision by the party’s top leadership to participate in the just-ended council by-elections before adoption of a clear strategy was the last straw that broke their ties with the party.


Bulawayo NEWS24