Vehicle Windscreen Smashing Illegal – ZRP

Harare, March 20, 2014 – The Zimbabwe Republic Police says the smashing of vehicle windscreen by some police officers is illegal.

Previous clashes between the police and commuter omnibus drivers have seen the police smashing vehicle windscreens mainly in Harare’s Central Business District. 

The police claim they do this to punish commuter omnibus drivers who load at undesignated places. 

However, the practice is posing a threat to human lives.

Police National Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba says officers who smash windscreens of commuter omnibuses are doing so illegally. 

“There is no law in the police that empowers officers to smash windscreens of vehicles. Such police officers will not be acting above the law and must be reported to the authorities. 

“We will take actions against such officers as they are tarnishing the image of the police,” she said.

Snr Assistant Commissioner Charamba said the public must report such officers to the authorities saying there is no law which empowers police officers to smash vehicle windscreens.

She however warned commuter omnibus drivers against evading arrest saying the law enforcement authority will deal with such lawlessness.

Commuter omnibus drivers are accused of being reckless and not respecting human sanctity through their rowdy behaviour which puts the lives of people at risk. 

Concerns have also been raised over some public transport drivers who do not possess the requisite documentation, while some are driving below the regulated age of 25.