Veteran Journalist And Teacher, Tim Nyahunzvi Dies

Nyahunzvi, 72, died from prostate cancer in Harare. He had previously been admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was supposed to have been operated on.

Uncle Tim, as he was passionately referred to by several of his former media students at the Harare Polytechnic’s Division of Mass Communication, Nyahunzvi co-authored and contributed to several journalism handbooks which were used as reference material by media students throughout Africa.

Notable among these is Reporting in Africa published by the Thomson Foundation in London and Friedrich Nauman Foundation and An Editor’s Manual published by Mambo Press.

Despite lecturing in journalism at the Harare Polytechnic from 1981 to 1997 where he retired as head of the Division of Mass Communication, Nyahunzvi also had similar stints in Zambia and Kenya in the 1960s clocking more than 40 years in journalism and media training.

He remained active upon his retirement from the Harare Polytechnic conducting upgrading courses and seminars for journalists and media personnel in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Kenya and Swaziland. Despite working for Zimbabwean and Zambian publications as a journalist and media trainer, he also branched into public relations in-between his luminous career as an accomplished journalist.

“Zimbabwe is a country in transition. It has a lot to catch up with,” said Nyahunzvi when he appeared before a parliamentary committee during interviews for positions with the Zimbabwe Media Commission.

“The role of the media of communication in a country like ours is enormous and vital. The media does not only need to be free and independent, but it must be responsible and ethical.”

Details of funeral arrangements were still being arranged on Tuesday and mourners were gathered at Number 13 Mukarati Road, Mufakose in Harare.