Vice President Joice Mujuru Thanks Zimbabweans

More than 10 000 card-waving, banner carrying and cheering Zimbabweans from virtually all walks of life, saw and bid farewell to the late Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA’s) first Commander, General Solomon Mujuru, when he died after an electrical fault caused a blazing fire in their commercial farmhouse in Beatrice about 50 km outside Harare.
General Mujuru died a mysterious fire that killed him while sleeping in their bedroom.
“We are truly grateful that memories of our dearest one evoked such a profound and immeasurable response,” Amai Mujuru said in her short message to the nation.
Written as: “Forever Indebted To A True Showing of Love”, the message featured her late husband in his full military regalia while still at the ZNA as its first boss in Zimbabwe.
“It is our wish that in the remembrance of my husband, father and great warrior, our nation will grow from strength to strength.”
General Mujuru was Zimbabwe’s first ZNA boss after returning from Maputo, Mozambique, where he had led the Zanla forces against the late Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith’s Rhodesia National Army (RNA) before Independence on April 18, 1980.
Vice President Mujuru, who said she is still awaiting the details of her late former husband’s shocking death, said people from virtually all walks of life had attended her late husband’s burial at the Zimbabwe National Heroes shrine in Harare.
She said they included her boss, President Robert Mugabe, Vice President, John Nkomo, Cabinet Ministers from all the political parties, The Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC-T party, his two deputies, members from the security forces, various church denominations and their members, heads of parastatals in Zimbabwe and their staff, captains of industry, farmers and miners in their “multitudes”.
She thanked relatives from here and abroad as well as the entire nation of Zimbabwe “for their support we (the Mujuru family) received during our darkest hour”.
“Your outpouring of love, kindness and sympathy during this period was hugely felt and greatfully appreciated,” Mujuru said in her message to the nation.