Vice President Mujuru Questions Husband's Death

The vice president said she was waiting for the investigations into how her husband died before rushing into conclusions.

She was speaking from her Chisipite home during a visit by the Zimbabwe national women’s soccer team.

“We are waiting for those doing the investigations to shed light on what transpired. The pleasant thing is that they have invited all the expertise needed to find what happened,” said Mujuru on the state broadcaster ZBC.

“What is surprising is that we don’t know what happened from 8:30 to when the fire was seen. There are two long windows from my side and his side, you don’t have to jump out but just lift your leg. Our grandchildren used to play getting in and outside the windows and it would have been difficult for a military man not to have made it out.”

Mujuru said she will wait to find out the outcome of the investigations to put the matter to rest.

“We don’t have to be judges and concluding, we have to give our experts time to find out what happened,” said Mujuru.

Police Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Wayne Bvidzijena told ZBC that investigations are continuing.

General Mujuru was burnt beyond recognition last Tuesday at his Beatrice farm. The manner in which he died has raised a lot of suspicion among Zimbabweans. Several theories have been put forward with some
saying his death was directly linked to the succession battles in Zanu (PF) while others say it had something to do with his business interests in diamond mining.

Meanwhile the Movement for Democratic Change secretary general, Tendai Biti expressed regret over newspaper reports that quoted saying Zanu (PF) had murdered him.

Biti was asked by a journalist if he made statements reported in the News Day newspaper that he said Mujuru’s death has ‘fingerprints’ of Zanu (PF). It was said the Finance Minister uttered the statement at an MDC rally in Mutare where the party President Morgan Tsvangirai was the main speaker.

“We are very happy that the police are carrying massive investigations and of course no-one can pre-judge what happened,” said Biti. “We hope that an inquest will be held, we regret the pain that has been caused by reports in the newspaper. But I want to say that this is a very difficult time for Zimbabwe, we have lost  a real hero, a proper hero, a General of Generals,” Biti said without confirming or denying that he made the statement that Mujuru was murdered by Zanu (PF) insiders.

“General Mujuru as far as we are concerned as a Ministry was a hero of heroes. He was the nerve centre of the armed struggle.”

News Day quoted Biti saying; ““We hold Zanu PF responsible for the killing of General Solomon Mujuru. Zanu (PF )invests in violence and they now engage in (burning) people. That’s the Zanu PF we know. Violence is in their DNA. That’s what they know best and their fingerprints show violence.”

President Mugabe in his speech at the National Heroes Acre last Saturday, said Zimbabwe will continue to ask questions on how Mujuru died.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has demanded a probe on Mujuru’s death.