Vice President Mujuru Sucked In Mliswa Saga

Affidavits produced in a Karoi court last week where Mliswa is being tried for assaulting his farm workers and pointing a gun at the other show that, one of the accused Roy Mthombeni had been promised huge sums of money by former Hurungwe East Member of Parliament Reuben Marumahoko to implicate Mliswa.

“The people who had stolen from Spring Farm (owned by Mliswa) were assaulted by guards and not Mliswa but Cde Marumahoko forced me to change the statement to say it was Mliswa who assaulted us and pointed a gun at me. It’s all lies.

“Cde Marumahoko wanted to use me to make sure I helped send Mliswa to prison. He came and took me from the farm and poisoned me with information that Mliswa was a dangerous guy to Zimbabwe as a whole.

“He took me to Harare to meet vice-president Mujuru so that she could emphasise the point that Mliswa was supposed to be punished. But we could not find her and we went to look for the police commissioner general, Augustine Chihuri but again we failed to locate him.

“In the end we had to go to Harare Central where I was made to make a report against Mliswa. Throughout I thought it was not proper to pin down someone for crimes he did not commit and that is why I am telling the truth to the court now,” said Mthombeni.

Mliswa’s family members said Mujuru could have been involved as Mliswa is widely believed to belong to the Emmerson Mnangangwa faction which is involved in bitter struggle to take over from President Robert Mugabe.

Marumahoko, who is said to belong to the Mujuru faction, is battling to fend off Mliswa’s inroads in the Hurungwe East constituency as the former fitness trainer has been campaigning to take over the constituency in the next elections.

Mliswa was arrested several times two months ago after attacking police commissioner Augustine Chihuri whom he described as the most corrupt individual in the country.