Victim Of Political Violence Releases Album

The album which was recorded at Dady Bee Productions in Harare has become an instant hit at MDC’s rallies and meetings.


 The album opens with the song Kure which urges people in the diaspora to come back home and participate in the country’s national politics.


The title track Mira Panzvimbo urges the MDC’s leadership to be resolute and guard against complacency.

One of the most popular songs on the new album is Election yebenzi (A fool’s election). In the song which is a fusion of traditional musical and modern instruments, Murimoga mocks President Robert Mugabe for contesting the discredited June 27 elections alone following the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai citing violence.

“Vakamboionepi race yekuti unomhanya vega mutrack vobvavatoti ndahwina. Haunyari mutana iwe. June 27 election yebenzi. (Where have you seen a race where single person participate alone and declare himself the winner? You are not ashamed. June 27 was an election for a fool) “sings Murimoga in the song.

Murimoga’s backing vocals, the Echoes of Freedom are on their class on the song Arimunzira which is a song of hope to Zimbabweans.

The other songs on the album are Korona and Chinja Yapararira.


“I decided to compose this album  after I had been attacked by Zanu-PF youths and war veterans during the period leading to the re-run. After the attack I went to South Africa where I stayed for a year before coming back home to continue with the struggle ”,said the 31 year old musician.


Murimoga said following the attack he also sustained a fractured arm. Murimoga is currently mobilising funds to shot a video.