Video Means China Student Being Murdered Again And Again: Mother

Zhigui Du, whose 32-year-old son, Jun Lin, died in Montreal in May, said the crime was destroying the image of Canada as a safe and peaceful place.

Police allege that a small-time porn actor, Luka Magnotta, murdered Lin, dismembered his body and posted a gory video of the crime online. He faces first degree murder charges.

“The most unbearable pain for me is that the video got posted on the Internet. People watched it over and over and over. It’s like my son is being murdered again and again,” Du told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp in an interview shown late on Monday.

“Why did he have to suffer so much? Why was that brutal video put on the Internet? What a disaster and huge pain for our family. My lovely boy, so alive, and killed in that way.”

Lin’s hands and feet were mailed to the offices of political parties in Ottawa and to schools in Vancouver, while his torso was found in a pile of garbage. Police later discovered his head in a Montreal park.

Magnotta, who was arrested in Germany early last month and deported to Canada, pleaded not guilty to all charges. His pre-trial hearing is due to begin next March. Du said this was too long to wait.

“This heinous crime happened in Canada. It’s made me reconsider what kind of place this is,” she said.

“I’m afraid of taking the elevator by myself, I cannot sleep without my husband being around. Sometimes, when I walk on the street, looking at people, I feel like everyone looks like Magnotta. I’m living in fear.” Reuters