Villagers Cry Foul As Chinese Diamond Firm Denies Them Jobs

The villagers complained that the menial jobs, which they expected to get were being offered to Chinese nationals.

Anjin China has gone into a joint-venture with an obscure consortium of Zimbabwean black businesspeople to start Anjin-China- Zimbabwe, which was given mining rights in Chiadzwa.

Anjin China is reportedly owned by top Chinese military officers based in Beijing.

Circumstances surrounding the awarding of the company mining rights are still shrouded in secrecy.

Villagers from Chiadzwa, Charasika, Nyanyadzi and Hot Springs are now up in arms with the Chinese company for not considering them for jobs at their mining field.

They said even jobs such as security, building, small repairs and other menial work was being done by Chinese nationals.

“We want to know whether it is the policy for the Chinese to bring people from their country to become security guards at the mining fields?” asked Jonah Mandiramba, from Hot Springs.

“All the jobs, everything that we expect our children to also do is being done by Chinese people,” said another villager from Charasika. “This is ridiculous. I think the government must come in and help.”

The villagers said other companies mining at Chiadzwa, Mbada Diamonds and Canadile Mining were better because they were employing locals although these were Zanu (PF) supporters and war veterans only.

Recruitment of Zanu (PF) supporters and war veterans to work for Mbada Diamonds and Canadile Mining was allegedly being done through the office of Chris Mushowe, Manicaland governor and Resident Minister.

The villagers also accused the Chinese nationals of turning the area into a red light district as they were luring young girls and women into prostitution. The villagers alleged a local businessman at Hot Springs Business Centre, which they identified by name was being used by the Chinese nationals to look for women and girls on their behalf.

“He (the businessman) drives around in a truck around past five in the evening everyday collecting girls and women in the villages taking them to the Chinese camping site,” said one woman. “They come back the following morning. But we hear they get paid US$2 each for their services the whole night.”