Villagers Forced To Attend Gala

Villagers who were afraid of victimisation said they had to dump whatever they were doing to attend the gala as they feared Zanu (PF) youths would pounce on them.

“We did not have anything to do with Mzembi gala. We are not Zanu (PF) people and we did not want to be involved but because of the messages that we received since last week, we had no any other option besides attending. We wanted to secure our safety after gala,” said one villager.

Mzembi thanked the people who attended for ‘their consistent support of the Zanu (PF) party in the area’.

“I want to thank you for supporting us. I want to announce that we have started campaigning. This time we will make sure that we do whatever it costs us to make sure that we humiliate the opposition parties,” said Mzembi.

However, villagers said Zanu (PF) youths led by a youth known only as Charle had threatened them with unspecified action if they did not attend the rally.

“They were sending messages through their youth structures down to every villager saying the gala was a must attend show. They said minister (Mzembi) wants to speak to everyone in the constituency,” said another villager.

Renco Mine workers said they attended teh rally because they feared to lose their jobs.

Musicians like Tongai Moyo and Fungisai Zvakavapano and uban grovers such as XQ and Etra -Large provided entertainment at the gala.