Villagers Paying 2R A Day For War 'Vet's' Leader Upkeep

According to the villagers who spoke to Radio VOP, those who refuse to pay are being threatened by unspecified
action, resulting in them taking from their meagre incomes to give towards Sibanda’s upkeep out of fear.

“It is even more painful when you are made to pay for the upkeep of a man who comes to your area to preach Zanu (PF) propaganda,” said Jathro Madombi of Muchakata area. “Zanu PF must look after its kid not us, we are not happy at all.”

The 2R that the villagers are being asked to contribute is sufficient to buy a bundle of vegetables for a family of five in most rural areas.

Sibanda dismissed the villagers’ claims as ‘ridiculous’. “I don’t comment on ridiculous stories like that one. Those who tell you must give you comments,” Sibanda told Radio VOP.

Although Sibanda admitted that he is ‘patrolling’ in the Mapanzure area, he refused to disclose his means of survival. He also refused to comment on his main agenda in the area.

Impeccable sources, however, said Sibanda is given money directly from Zanu (PF) for his trips.

“The man is getting money from the party. I think overzealous youth are now demanding money from villagers in order to impress their boss,” said the source.