Visiting Lesotho Prime Minister Heaps Praise On Mugabe

The Lesotho leader was guest of honour at the official opening of this year’s Harare Agricultural Show on Friday afternoon.

“The people of Zimbabwe chose the right leader at the right time…a leader courageous and strong enough to withstand the pressures that were unleashed by those who wanted to prove that his decisions in defence of the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe were wrong and ill advised,” Prime Minister Thabane said.

“It is true that as a result of those decisions, Zimbabwe went through great economic difficulties but today many people in our region and beyond acknowledge with admiration the solid foundation which his policies have build for the economic prosperity of the present and future generations of this country.”

He said he took President Mugabe’s invitation to Zimbabwe as a command as he was a great African leader with longer experience as a national leader.

Prime Minister Thabane hailed Mugabe whom he said has helped restore peace and security in neighbouring Mozambique, Angola, DRC and in his country Lesotho.

He urged Zimbabweans to be self sufficient especially in terms of food security saying foreign oppressors have tended to manipulate hungry and desperate nations.

“Zimbabweans must produce the food that is needed by Zimbabweans and Zimbabweans must learn to consume and patronise Zimbabwean goods and food commodities,” he said.

“Without self reliance in food, our countries shall remain vulnerable to political manipulation by those who are richer and more developed.

History has shown that there are some of us who use hunger and poverty as a weapon to subdue those who are less fortunate. Without producing its own food, a nation can lay no claim to dignity.”

The Lesotho Premier joined the chorus of calling for “the total lifting of all sanctions against this sisterly country” which he said was undermining the Zimbabwe’s independence.

He also praised Mugabe for joining forces with his former rivals to form a coalition government.

It is the first time that the veteran Basotho politician is visiting Zimbabwe in his new capacity since he was appointed to lead the tiny kingdom’s first ever coalition government in June this year.

He is in Zimbabwean on a three-day state visit.