Visually Handicapped Hail New Masvingo Information Kiosk

Masvingo, June 17, 2014 – Reformed Church University Vice Chancellor Professor Wiseman Magwa has Tuesday officiallly opened Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) sponsored information kiosk in Masvingo.

The kiosk is housed at NANGO southern region offices.

Speaking at the occasion which was attended by people from various all walks of life, Professor Magwa said opening information kiosk was a positive step towards fulfilling the demands of the new constitution.

“Information is very important as it assist us in making critical decisions in life. This the first step towards right direction and I believe that the Masvingo community is going to benefit from this gesture,” said Magwa.

Professor Magwa thanked MISA and NANGO for partnering for  ’a good cause’.

“All we need these days is to have people who can come up with initiatives. Great Zimbabwe monuments could not have been construted if our fore fathers lacked vision. We need to support these initiatives and I challenge various organisations to come with their fliers and books here so that we build our knowledge bank,” said Prof Magwa.

Zimbabwe Association of the Visually Handcapped (ZAVH) coordinator Timothy Mudarikwa bemoaned lack of information among people living with disability.

“We were disabled by the community because we are denied information. I hear you complaining about lack of information saying you can’t afford to buy two newspapers per day but have you spared your thought for the blind who cannot even read one newspaper in a year,” said Mudarikwa.

Mudarikwa pleaded for media organisations and the government to come up with initiatives that will see the disabled being able to access information.

MISA national governing council member Kelvin Jakachira who was in attendance assured the people that his organisation was going to improve access to information levels in rural Zimbabwe



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