VMCZ Blasts Threats On Newspaper Vendors

The suspected Zanu-PF activists are allegedly confronting newspaper vendors and threatening them with assault if they continue selling newspapers they claim are anti-Zanu-PF.

“VMCZ urges those issuing threats to the vendors to desist from that act and allow the vendors to do their work without any hindrance or disturbance,” said Loughty Dube of the VMCZ.

“VMCZ is concerned with these threats and warns those interfering with the newspaper vendors that they are seeking to deny the constitutionally enshrined right of the people of Zimbabwe to receive and impart information without undue interference.

“VMCZ appeals to society in general and to political parties, and their youths, to refrain from attacking media personnel legally and rightfully performing their duties.”

Dube said at the same time his association urges the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) countrywide to act on such threats on newspaper vendors and ensure that these threats are not carried out.

“VMCZ also challenges the government to take all the necessary steps towards the creation of an environment that promotes and fosters freedom of expression and freedom of choice in accessing diverse views and opinions from alternative sources of information,” added Dube.