Vote No For Draft Constitution:Sikhala

At a media briefing called by his party on Monday, Sikhala called on the country’s governing politicians to abandon the new draft document they co-authored and put together a transitional document under the Southern African Development Community (SADC) supervision.

“We propose that a Zimbabwe conflict resolution conference be organised as soon as possible under the chairmanship of the SADC facilitator and assisted by the Southern African Development Community, African Union and the United Nations,” said Sikhala.

Sikhala said the new document was fraught with undemocratic provisions.

He cited a provision in the constitutional draft which speaks about an indigenous Zimbabwean saying this was left ambiguous in order to sideline white Zimbabweans.

Sikhala also said the decision by the politicians to impose term limits on posts occupied by the senior security sector officers and the President while failing to do the same thing on ministers and MPs smacked of gross insincerity by the country’s politicians.

Short of what the MDC99 was calling for, Sikhala said his party will partner the National Constitutional Assembly in calling for a no vote for the draft constitution.

The former St Marys legislator attacked President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party for its apparent disapproval of the draft document which it co-authored with both MDCs in government.

“…it’s their own baby. You do not disown your wife because she has given birth to a deformed child. We cannot accept that. This has been the result of Zanu PF’s incestuous relationship with MDC. They must accept that,” he said.