VP John Nkomo Scoffs At Death Rumour

“This can only be the work of Western-sponsored foreign newspapers that carried the story,” a frail looking Nkomo told a rally in Matabeleland.

He was speaking in his native language, Ndebele.

“I will and can only die when the Lord wants to take my life away. In fact, I will be here (on earth) for the next Presidential election next year so prepare for that.”

VP Nkomo was alleged and said to have died last week by some publications published in Zimbabwe.

He has been in and out of hospital for the past six months having been flown to South Africa more than three times during the past month of August.

Nkomo appeared at the funeral of former Zimbabwe National Army Commander, Solomon Mujuru, in a walking stick and looking very frail.

His son, Jabulani, has told the State -controlled Media that his father is unhealthy but “not dead” as this is “silly and dangerous rumour”.