VP Joyce Mujuru Goes For PHD

A very hard worker Vice President Mujuru is a former freedom fighter. She was one of the youngest Cabinet Ministers in President Robert Mugabe’s Government in 1980 at independence.When she returned to Zimbabwe from Mozambique, Mujuru was almost illiterate.

She has, however, slowly but surely studied for a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as a Master of Science Degree in Zimbabwe at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

The Minister of Tourism, Engineer Walter Mzembi made the revelation while introducing the Vice President at the dinner for local and international investors gathered in Harare this week.

“She is our VP,” Mzembi said. “I am proud to tell you that she is now studying for a Doctorate degree in Military and Information Science at the UZ. She has come a long way and we are all proud of her.”

Mujuru is married to former Army Commander, Solomon.