VP Mujuru Exploded To Mugabe That She Was Independent Of ‘Rex’

This was disclosed by Central bank governor Gideon Gono during private discussions with former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell.

“Gono maintained Mugabe had personally disclosed to Gono his doubts about Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s capacity to hold the country together. Gono confided further that Joice herself had recently exploded to Mugabe, complaining about perceived slights and asserting her independence from her husband, ex-army chief Solomon “Rex” Mujuru,” the former US ambassador said in the cable.

Solomon Mujuru, former army commander, died in a mysterious inferno at his farm in Beatrice.

Gono also told Dell that the squabbles within the inner circle of the Zanu (PF) were increasingly getting more difficult for Mugabe to control.

The former ambassador said Gono told him wild-card Didymus Mutasa was at odds with ambitious Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was countering kingmaker Solomon Mujuru, who didn’t get along with Defence Forces Chief Chiwenga.

In the cable, Gono disclosed that his frustrations with negative economic developments led him to submit his resignation on February 6.

“He had spent much of the week meeting with Mugabe, the presidium, Mutasa and other cabinet officials, finally being persuaded just the morning of his meeting with the Ambassador to stay on,” Dell said.

Dell said while in Gono’s spacious 22nd floor office atop the glistening Reserve Bank building the Central Bank governor portrayed himself as a man under attack from all sides for the honesty of his policy prescriptions.

“The ruling elite all “accuse me of carrying the water of the IMF, the white farmers, the Americans; only the man in the street embraces me,” he reportedly maintained during the meeting with Dell.

According to the cable Gono said his principal offense was to boldly attack corruption at the highest levels publicly and privately.

He said the mining sector’s corruption was “out of this world” and showed the former ambassador a confidential report on gold that implicated senior officials (unnamed) in siphoning off production sufficient to reduce official output from 22 tonnes in 2004 to 12 tonnes in 2005.

According to Gono, his “Operation Tell the Truth” was meant to underscore to the Zanu (PF) leadership that high-level corruption was glaringly obvious to the public and severely damaged the party leadership’s credibility across the board.

He went over a long list of ministers, governors, senior police/military officials, NGOs, and private sector players with whom he had consulted and sought support. Many had expressed support and yet key policies were never carried out, he said.