VP Mujuru hopes the truth will come out on husband's inquest

Mujuru who briefly attended the inquest of his husband before going out returning later in the afternoon told reporters outside the court that she hopes the inquest will shed light on what happened to Solomon Mujuru on the night of August 15 and early August 16, 2011.
“I am sure the truth will come out. It was a good beginning. It was a good start but in between the period of inquest I was called by his Excellency (President Robert Mugabe) since I am at work and then I came back later therefore some of the witnesses had finished their business,” Mujuru said outside court without revealing why she was called by Mugabe for a meeting.
She said although the prosecutors had not given his lawyers the witnesses statements and the other documents that include forensic tests results done by local and international experts they were finally given the papers hilst some of the documents are on the way, a statement also confirmed by the Mujurus lawyer, Thakor Kewada of Scanlen and Holderness legal firm.
Several witnesses testified in the inquest who include a bar lady who served the late Mujuru at Beatrice Motel near Ruzambo or Allaimane farm which was owned the late army general. She said Mujuru had four tots of Black Label scotch whisky before he left the motel.
A security guard manning one of the two entrances to the farm said Mujuru was accompanied by an unidentified male passenger when he went to the farm but a police detail manning the inner entrance to the farm said Mujuru was alone when he entered into the farmhouse yard.
The trial continues Tuesday as more than twenty witnesses are expected to testify in the coming days.