Vuvuzela Causes Hole In Throat

Yvonne Mayer of Bloubergstrand could not eat or speak for two days after blowing the vuvuzela caused her to rupture part of her throat.

Mayer, an employee of Old Mutual Finance in Pinelands, and her husband Ronald had walked through the streets of Cape Town to enjoy the atmosphere before the opening game last Friday.

When she and a group of people held a vuvuzela blowing competition, her throat started burning. “I just thought I was getting sick.”


After the match, her throat started burning even more. It felt as if a bubble had become stuck in her windpipe, she said. The next day her doctor explained that the pressure in her windpipe had become too much, resulting in part of her throat rupturing.

Dr Scott Barker of Netcare Blaauberg Hospital said the continuous blowing after the initial tear had resulted in the wound becoming bigger.

Air entered the tissue through the wound. Although Mayer was not admitted to hospital, she had to be monitored to prevent infection.

Mayer said she suspected she had blown the instrument incorrectly. “People said I should blow it like a trumpet. I pulled my lips tightly and blew as hard as possible.

“The sound was a bit different, but I was rather impressed with the result.”

She admits she is now a bit nervous about blowing the vuvuzela again, and thinks she will rather try to master the technique first. News 24