Wanted: Nominations For Six New Judges

Harare, March 17, 2014 – Members of the public have for the first time been given an opportunity to nominate six people they feel are fit to be appointed judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court in line with the provisions of the new constitution.The invitation by the Judicial Service Commission(JSC) followed changes to the constitution that were adopted last year when in the past the judges would come from a list recommended by the JSC to the President.

Those interested have up to April 14 to submit completed nomination forms with attached nominee’s curriculum vitae to the JSC.

The nomination forms can be obtained from the office of secretary of the Judicial Service Commission at Old Supreme Court Building at the intersection of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and Third Street.

They can also be obtained at any provincial magistrate in charge of a province or by visiting the website: http://www.jsc.org.zw where they can be downloaded.

Of the six judges, three will be for the High Court and the other three for the Supreme Court.


The Chronicle