War collaborators Claim Sanctions Have Killed 500 000 Zimbabweans

The demonstration was called to pressurise Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to push the removal of sanctions.

“We know it very well that Tsvangirai asked for sanctions which killed about 500 000 Zimbabweans due to its negative impact on us. Cholera was brought because of sanctions and the economic melt-down was caused by sanctions,” said Josephine Chindeya ZILIWACO’s vice national chairperson.

Chindeya said Tsvangirai had no option besides asking for forgiveness and to speedily plead with western countries to lift the sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“We will not eat his lip service. Although he (Tsvangirai) said sanctions must go we need to see more happening,” she said.

She also added that ZILIWACO had another option of asking President Mugabe to pull  out of the inclusive government if Tsvangirai failed to lobby for the removal of sanctions.

“We know that sanctions are delaying the implementation of Global Political Agreement. if Tsvangirai drags his feet in lobbying for removal of sanctions, then we can as well go and ask our President Mugabe to pull-out of the inclusive government,” she added.

However, some war veterans refused to join the demonstration, condemning it saying nothing will be solved by hate language and going in the streets.

War veterans Masvingo provincial chair Isaiah Muzenda said the demonstration was unguided.

“It is just something which is organised by unguided individuals. Yesterday people thought it was something good but many refused to go in the streets when they discovered that there were many hidden agendas.

“There is nothing which can be solved by demonstrations and hate language,” said Muzenda in an interview.