War Of Words Continues Over Exhumations

“We are taking Rutanhire and his group to court again for dumping these bodies at an open place, ”said Dexter Magwizi, the chairman of the Zipra Veterans Trust.Magwizi said Fallen Heroes Trust of Zimbabwe which is aligned to former ruling party, Zanu(PF) has no scientific approach to give solutions to the prevailing problem at Monkey William Mine.
“There are many heaps of bones and skeletons lying idle in the open. These corpses need urgent attention before it is too late,” he said.

The war veterans leader said when the Fallen Heroes Trust of Zimbabwe started the project it did not lay appropriate plans to deal with matters accordingly.

“All they wanted was to trigger people’s emotions, of the spectre of the liberation war. This was a myopic idea of politicking.” He said.

Zanu (PF) has been accused using the exhumations in Mount Darwin for propaganda  puposes and to draw sympathy from the public on what they say is genocide perpetrated by the Smith regime in the 70s.
Last month Bulawayo High Court Justice, Nicholas Mathonsi ordered immediate stoppage to the exhumations saying the exercise should be done in the presence of medical experts and should also involve ministries of national healing and Reconciliation and Home Affairs.