'War Vet' Leader Holds Warning Rallies

Zimbabwe is likely to hold next elections in 2011.

Sibanda is currently staying at Chief Nhema’s home in Zaka. Together they have forced villagers to attend a number of rallies since the beginning of last week.

“He is here forcing us to go for his rallies. In fact he said that he is only warning us that the time to repent and join Zanu (PF) is now because all those who will be waiting for campaigns to start will be choosing death.

“We are now living in terror following Sibanda’s open declaration that Zanu (PF) is ready to kill and silence all those who turn against it and bite the finger that fed them,” said one of the villagers.

RadioVOP was informed that Sibanda is supposed to have at least 20 meetings with villagers in Zaka district before moving to another area.

Chief Ranganai Bwawanda Nhema who admitted staying with Sibanda, defended the ‘war vet’.

“What is wrong with him warning villagers? Did he beat anyone here? I think people are misunderstanding him, he is staying with me and I know his motive -he is here to give people light so that they know what they do before the elections.

“As a Chief here, I am so glad that Sibanda is here to bring light where there was darkness,” said Chief Nhema.

However, Sibanda could not be reached for comment as his mobile number remained unreachable.

Zaka North Member of Parliament Ernest Mudavanhu has condemned actions by Sibanda calling for the government to take action against the ‘war vets’ boss.

“He is causing serious harm to the people of Zaka. Instead of healing, he is opening fresh wounds. What kind of warning is Sibanda giving to the people? It is high time government takes action against him,” said Mudavanhu.

This is not the first time for Sibanda to wreck havoc in rural areas.

Recently, Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) had to suspend operations in Bikita in protest against Sibanda who was spreading hate language in the area.