War veterans apologise for past waves of election violence

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

War veterans under the banner ‘Liberation War Veterans Pressure Group’ has apologized to the nation for the past poll violence perpetrated by some war veterans.

Speaking to the media on Monday , the chairman of the organisation , Amos Sigauke whose nom de guerre is Vasco attributed the violence to some of their ‘  misguided elements’ within the war veterans and profoundly apologised for the past deeds.

“Allow us at this point , it might be late but better late than never. Allow us to apologise  on behalf of the generality of war veterans for the trauma  inflicted upon our people during past elections in our name.

“The truth of the matter is that a  few elements within us  were paid and used to terrify people in our name .We are above partisan politics as we fought to liberate very citizen regardless of political inclination.The majority of the misguided elements were not liberation war heroes,” said Sigauke .

Several human rights organisations in Zimbabwe have reported and recorded how war veterans orchestrated politically motivated violence from 2000-2013 elections

Sigauke who was flanked by his peers including the recently arrested 9 war veterans , pleaded with the media to desist from portraying them as ‘selfish and crybabies’.

“I would like to encourage members of the media to desist from labelling us as selfish and crybabies .

“We are only demanding what we are owed just like you do when your media houses fail to honour their obligations,” added the war veteran.

Meanwhile, the war veterans quashed rumours that they are working with the main opposition outfit ,MDC Alliance and Zanu’s G40 members  saying they were sorely seeking their welfare concerns to be addressed.