War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa Fired

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Saturday fired his firebrand War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa from his government.

 This follows Mutsvangwa’s three year suspension from Zanu PF on Thursday for alleged indiscipline together with his wife, Monica.

Mutsvangwa is sitting Zanu PF legislator for Norton.

The embattled former Zimbabwean ambassador to China was immediately replaced with his deputy Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube who pledged Saturday to reunite war veterans.

Mutsvangwa was weekend quoted on local media saying he was not going to lose sleep with prospects of being dislodged from his ministerial position.

“I came back into politics voluntarily in 2000 to help confront the menacing threat of nascent MDC. This was after years in the lucrative cellular and Internet business,” he said.

“Between 2007 and 2013, I was again out of government commission. As a war veteran-turned-businessman, I don’t have a craving for a public job if it is not elected. You will recall I spurned the offer of a second ambassadorship to Germany in 2006.”

Mutsvangwa added: “To understand that, over the years I developed autonomous self-actualisation capabilities stemming from the sustained hostility by his (Mugabe) government even as he showed partiality to me.

“So I have no sobs over the abuse of his high office to hound me,” he said.

Mutsvangwa is accused of organising an extra-ordinary war veterans meeting in Harare last month which was broken down by anti-riot police.

After the meeting was stopped, President Mugabe came hard on the outspoken politician, accusing him of unilaterally convening a war veterans meeting whose agenda was dodgy.

“We take exception to that; he has acted in a manner we describe as irresponsible, completely irresponsible,” Mugabe later said on national television.

“People (war veterans) were naturally hurt or at least they had this water from the cannons down their bodies, let alone the teargas in their eyes, we regret that they suffered this but the man to blame is their chairman and their minister and ofcourse he will have to answer as minister why he has done it without authority.”

Mutsvangwa’s problems mounted few months ago when he was linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s camp.

Team Lacoste, as it is commonly referred to, is currently involved in a fierce tussle for Zanu PF control with the so-called Generation 40, ahead of President Mugabe’s highly anticipated exit from politics.

Mugabe, in past comments, has seemingly sided with G40, which comprises cabinet ministers Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo and is believed to be backing his wife, Grace to succeed him.


Since the shock ouster of Joice Mujuru from being Vice President and some top Zanu PF bigwigs in 2014 and 2015, Mugabe has become increasingly suspicious of his lieutenants and has turned the sword on Mnangagwa, who is accused by Grace of a plot to remove him from his job.

Mugabe has been flogging relentlessly at Mnangagwa’s camp, something that has culminated in the summary dismissal of several party politicians.