War vets attack Monitors

Sources told Radio VOP that meetings in Gcabaya and Amazon areas had been disrupted after former freedom fighters questioned the presence of the monitors.

The war veterans who stand accused of perpetrating violence in the run-up to the 2002 and 2008 Presidential elections allegedly ejected monitors in both meetings accusing them of lobbying for a regime change agenda in the new constitution.

In other parts of the country monitors have been detained by the police forcing others to quit duty for fear of their lives.

The constitution making process has been dogged by chaos with MDC-T threatening to pull out of the whole process.

It accuses ZANU PF of politicising the process which analyst believe would end President Robert Mugabe’s thirty year reign and put an end to economic burdens suffered by the majority.

Meanwhile residents of Gwanda have called for a repeat of outreach meetings amid revelations that data collected at the time, had disappeared from a laptop.

COPAC officials were quoted saying they would use handwritten data after recorded material was lost on a laptop.

“We risk being misquoted, I think what COPAC should do is to come back again and gather our views on electronic media”, said Themba Ndlovu a local resident.

Residents here had called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the new constitution to investigate, arrest and persecute perpetrators of the Gukurahundi genocide that left over 20 000 dead.