War vets defend propaganda jingles

The jingles whose, CDs and videos where personally handed over to radio and television DJs, presenters and producers two weeks ago, have once again threatened to divide the fragile coalition government.
Nyasha Chikwinya a war veteran and a ZANU-PF hardliner said, “There is nothing wrong with the jingles. The problem with our colleagues in the MDC is that they were not part of the liberation struggle. These jingles are part of our history,” she said.
“We  demand that these jingles  continue to be played on our national
radio and television so that our children get an appreciation of  who
brought  the  country  from the colonialists,” said Phineas Makonya
another war veterans from Domboshava.
Never Karoro, another serious ZANU-PF supporter and war veteran said it was in the interest of ‘patriotic’ Zimbabweans for the jingles to be played.
“The playing of  such  jingles in this  country was  long  overdue
and  those who are  opposed  to  them want  to reverse  the gains  of
the liberation struggle,” Karoro said.
The public broadcaster has been running the jingles on all its radio
and television channels at least twice every hour.
The jingles, which were done by a group called Mbare Chimurenga Choir, reiterate that President Robert Mugabe and his two deputies, John Nkomo and Joyce Mujuru are the ones running the country, not the coalition government.
MDC-T deputy spokesperson Thabita Khumalo said they were going to convene an urgent National executive council meeting to deliberate on their next move in as far as the continued playing of jingles, which undermine other partners in the inclusive government, was concerned.
The coalition cabinet resolved last week that the advertisements
should be taken off air following a protest by Prime Minister Morgan
Tsvangirai. However, media, information and publicity permanent secretary George Charamba claimed the cabinet instruction had not been communicated to the ZBC since his minister, Webster Shamu, was away.
Still, ZBC chief executive Happison Muchetetere insisted the state-run broadcaster would not drop the adverts and invited the MDC-T to
provide its won material for similar broadcast.

Khumalo  said  they had approached ZBC  with  their  party adverts
but  were rejected  for unspecified  reasons.