War Vets Grab Farming Inputs

The inclusive government has embarked on a programme to distribute farming inputs such as maize seeds, and fertilizer to poor communal farmers in the district. The programme is being run by officials from the Agrcultural extension department (Agritex).

A group of war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths led by Tavona Chigwengwenene and Obey Moyo have taken over the project and are distributing the farming inputs to Zanu (PF) supporters and to their relatives only.

“We have these guys led by one war veteran Chigwengwenene who have grabbed the programme. They are now distributing the farming inputs to Zanu (PF) supporters and to their relatives only,” said an Agritex official.

Edius Moyo of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement Democratic Change (MDC-T) Mberengwa district chairman, called the government to intervene and stop the corruption by these war veterans.

“These war veterans now act as if they own Mberengwa district. They have to be stopped, we can’t let them continue harassing people in this district. The inclusive government especially the Ministry of National Healing should do something about this,” said Moyo.

Moyo said last week Chigwengwenene and his group stopped the distribution of these farming inputs at Zibanga business Centre in Mudavanhu area and told everybody who had gathered there to produce Zanu (PF) cards.

Farisai Zhou an MDC supporter who was also barred by war veterans said “she was advised that if she wants to get the farming inputs she should join Zanu (PF) and buy the party card first”.

Chigwengwene and his group of about 30 Zanu (PF) youths have been causing terror in Mberengwa in the past recent years especially towards elections.

Early this year there were arrested after disrupting a constitutional parliamentary committee consultative meeting on the new constitution held at Vutsanana Secondary School in the same district.