War Vets invade lodges in Hippo Valley

Black Jesus whose real name is Francis Zimuto together with a group of Zanu PF supporters invaded the lodges on January 5, 2011 forcing the management and staff to vacate the lodges.

Christopher Chimuti one of the managers was attacked and forced to hand over the keys to the lodges as they now under new management. “More than 22 staff members have been forced out of their jobs as the team led by Black Jesus is now staying in the lodges. They are just behaving like they did when they were taking over white owned farms,” said a source from Hippo Valley adding that the staff members have been left stranded.

The war veterans are accused of large-scale poaching on the estate, where there are large herds of buffalo, eland, antelope and other small game.

Black Jesus was known for terrorizing villagers in Mberengwa and other surrounding areas during the 2000 Parliamentary elections and the 2002 presidential elections before going into hibernation. War veterans have been on an invasion spree in the Lowveld taking over sugar cane plantations and hunting concessions for more than five years now without ant police interventions.

Reports of war vets and ZANU PF chefs illegally taking over property and companies have continued unabated in the country despite calls from other inclusive government leaders to stop. The co-Minister of Home Affairs Theresa Makone has admitted she has no power to stop ZANU PF thugs, even in her own constituency where she said they run wild.

Unfortunately this chaos drives away potential investors, at a time when Zimbabwe urgently needs foreign capital.