'War Vets' Leader Moves To Matabeleland South.

Sources who attended one of Sibanda’s meetings in Chief Nhlamba’s area said the former freedom fighter lashed out at villagers for abandoning Zanu (PF) in the past election in favour of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations.

Zanu (PF)  won two out of seven parliamentary seats in the province and Sibanda has vowed to win them back.

“We will be forced to call you twice a day to rallies until you back us”, Sibanda reportedly said.

In Masvingo the self proclaimed war vet leader forced villagers to attend rallies where he threatened to murder those who do not support Robert Mugabe in elections.

Sibanda has lined up various meetings across the province and will be meeting traditional leaders, fellow war veterans and villagers.

Political analyst Buletsi Nyathi says Sibanda’s presence in the region has sent fear among villagers.

“People are terrified. ‘War vets’ have in the past intimidated villagers and Sibanda’s presence is meant to instill fear among villagers ahead of the envisaged elections”, said Nyathi.

Sibanda also told the gathering those ZANU PF officials who have been supping with the devil as exposed by whistle blower website WIKILEAKS will be dealt with secretly.