War Vets Leader Taunts Rivals For Mugabe Bootlicking

By Johannes Chin’ombe

Masvingo, August 31, 2016 – DEFIANT Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) national political commissar, Francis Nhando has slammed political rivals for treating President Robert Mugabe as their ‘god’.

The Chiredzi based ex-combatant was directing his comments on Zanu PF MP for Chiredzi, Calisto Gwanetsa, Robert Mkwena and Darlington Chiwa who recently were incensed about a controversial war veterans communiqué which demanded Mugabe to vacate office.

Nhando, along with other war veterans leaders, were arrested and later freed on bail for allegedly issuing what the state felt was a “treasonous and traitorous” declaration.

But despite getting his fingers burnt for the communiqué, Nhando remained defiant, telling his rivals they were mere pretenders.

“Those who say Mugabe must stay are lying to him, they are pretenders,” he said.

“They fear that if someone comes to power they will not be able to continue with their corrupt deeds since Zanu PF protects them. It will be worse if they try to make him face the looming 2018 poll humiliation.”

Gwanetsa, Mkwena and Chiwa are linked to the so-called Generation 40, a Zanu PF faction rooting for the First Lady, Grace Mugabe to succeed her 92 year old husband.

They have been quoted in different media threatening to mobilise youths to storm Nhando’s properties for allegedly undermining Mugabe.

“Those who lie to him go further to take him as a ‘god’, treating him like a religious sort of thing that has eternal life on earth. No, that’s not it. We can’t worship a mortal who is not even perfoming optimally,” added Nhando.

Mugabe has infuriated his once loyal supporters within the militant war veterans group by siding with the younger and more adventurous G40 group of party politicians.

War veterans are also agitated by Mugabe’s continued failure to officially position Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa as his successor.

In his anti-Mugabe rants, Nhando, who once said Mugabe was a hard sell for 2018, further told RadioVOP that Mugabe’s resignation would be the best piece of news for the country.

“If Mugabe announces that he wants to rest now, all people will gather to thank him.  I am not talking of bussed congregates, no. I mean lots of people, even unexpected figures from across the globe will come to witness the event of his official resignation,” he said.