War vets now running school

They said war veterans who invaded the once coffee and cattle ranching farm are demanding to address pupils at morning assembly once every week. The school’s development committee which is mainly comprised of war veterans and Zanu (PF) supporters last week held a meeting at Bannett’s former farm house and endorsed the idea that war veterans should once every week address the people.
“Two war veterans, Stan Muusha and Samuel Masabeya came to the school on Monday this week and said they want to teach the pupils about the liberation struggle history of this country. The school’s headmaster politely asked them to seek clearance from the Ministry of Education for whatever they wanted to do at the school,” said a teacher at the school who refused to be named for fear of victimization.
The teachers also accused the war veterans of interfering in the selection and coaching of the school’s soccer teams.
“At times when we are playing soccer with other neighboring teams as a teacher you are just told to field a particular player just because his father is the chairperson of the SDA or local war veteran association branch,” said another teacher.
The teachers said most of the pupils at the school have become uncontrollable because of the war veteran’s interference at the school. There are also incidences  at the school where teachers who have tried to do their professional work by disciplining the students have ended up in trouble with the war veterans.

“We have a recent case where a pupil was punished for always coming late toschool. The pupil then lied to her parents that the teacher who had punishedher was teaching them MDC gospel and the teacher was in trouble with the war vets.

Most of the teachers who spoke to Radio VOP at the school said they were contemplating leaving the institution next term.