War Vets Turn Swords On Charamba

Former ZNLWVA national secretary Retired Major Alex Mudavanhu who had since disputed and nullified Sibanda’s Saturday victory labeled Charamba an enemy of the war veterans.

“We did not expect Charamba to act like that, he is now our enemy. We are aware that he is the one who is ill-advising Sibanda. In as far as we know, there is no election which was held, it’s just Charamba who is trying to play cheap politics.

“Our position will remain that Sibanda is not our Chairman, unless there are democratic elections, this man (Sibanda) will remain suspended. Our Chairman is Cde Chinotimba full stop,” said Mudavanhu.

“We do not know why Charamba, a mere civil servant get involved in our issues, he is not a war veteran after all,” added Mudavanhu.

Jabulani Sibanda who was once fired from Zanu PF was elected to become ZNLWVA’s chairman for the next five years at a congress held at Chaminuka Training Center in Bindura on Saturday.

However, Chinotimba’s led faction was busy spreading information that the congress had been cancelled when Sibanda faction was having elections for the members who are supposed to lead war veterans in the next five years.

Chinotimba said his faction will have an urgent meeting to come up with a solution on Monday at a venue which he denied to disclose in Harare.

Chinotimba accused Sibanda of being sponsored by donors from Europe to destroy the association.

“We are aware that he was dishing out money to his puppets. Where did he get the money to hire those buses to Bindura. Sibanda is being sponsored by Europe to destroy this association. We will never allow him.

“Charamba is also in this messy, he is the one who just came with a write-up and gave it to the public media for publishing,” said